Vavilov Sergei Ivanovich (1934-1951)

Skobeltsyn Dmitry Vladimirovich (1951-1972)

Basov Nikolai Gennadievich (1973-1988)

Keldysh Leonid Veniaminovich (1989-1994)

Krokhin Oleg Nikolayevich (1994-2004)

Mesyats Gennady Andreyevich (2004 - 2015)

Kolachevsky Nikolay Nikolaevich (since 2015)




The major directions of activity of tiie Institute are:
1. Tiieoretical ptiysics, including quantum field theory, quantum statistics and the theory of fundamental interactions, nonlinear physics; high energy physics, elementary particle physics, nuclear physics; biophysics;
2. Physics of charged particle accelerators; high-power pulse electronics; physical electronics;
3. Classical and quantum optics, luminescence, light scattering; spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, condensed media, gases and plasma; X-ray optics;
4. Quantum radiophysics; interaction of laser radiation with matter; nonlinear optics; laser metrology; information technologies;
5. Plasma physics; controlled thermonuclear fusion; laser thermonuclear fusion;
6. Solid state physics; semiconductors; mesoscopy; solid state nanostructures; nanotechnologies; optoelectronics; superconductivity;
7. Astrophysics, astronomy in all ranges, cosmic rays, cosmology (ground- and space-based, experimental and theoretical research); solar physics, physics of the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnelosphere of the Earth and planets; planet and applied astronomy;
8. Experimental techniques, new physical methods in scientific research, in technology medicine and ecology